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Annuities help to safeguard and protect income and principal, especially qualified retirement plans that you have worked so hard to build up throughout your working years. We all have a goal to retire by a certain age. An annuity allows us to have full confidence that the money we have saved will not suffer any losses due to market conditions. For example, let's say you have built up a 401K for 30 years and plan on using it to pay an income at age 65. If the markets are performing poorly at that time, you may have lost some money in that plan and have to work longer than anticipated to make sure the right amount is intact to meet your goals.

We recently saw many people lose money from their IRA's and 401K plans after the crash in 2008. This could have been avoided had they transferred these funds into an annuity where it would have been safe and not suffered any losses. Timing is very important in planning your retirement and annuities help to ensure that things will go as planned.Type your paragraph here.

Fixed Annuities

This type of annuity has a fixed rate of return, usually a minimum of around 2.5%. However, insurance companies will often pay a higher current rate of interest that can be locked in for a year and is subject to change annually but will never go below the minimum fixed rate.

Fixed Indexed Annuity

A Fixed Indexed Annuity is where both the principal and interest rate are guaranteed. Excess interest earnings above the guaranteed (fixed) rate may accrue since their performance is calculated using an indexing method that is usually linked to the Standard and Poor's 500 Index. These are NOT classified as securities and again, the interest can never go below the guaranteed rate. This is a perfect vehicle for those who want to participate in market gains but not have to suffer when  markets decline.

Tax Benefits

Annuities can help social security beneficiaries reduce taxes on their social security benefit. Since the interest earned in an annuity is deferred, no income needs to be reported during that year. This can be a great alternative to dividend income from stocks and mutual funds or interest earned from bonds that create provisional income that results in a taxable event on social security.