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What is a Fully Insured Health Insurance Plan?

  • Group pays a fixed monthly premium that only changes with the addition or removal of employees enrolled into the plan.

  • Claims are paid by the insurance company based on the benefits outlined in the plan.

  • Members pay deductible, co-pays, and coinsurance as it applies to the benefit structure of the plan.  

  • Simplified underwriting and simple administration.

  • Ideal for high risk groups.

In today's economy, the benefits package offered by an employer is a key ingredient in finding the best talent and keeping valuable employees on board. We offer a variety of affordable group health insurance plans as well as dental, vision, and disability benefit plans offered by the most respectable companies in the industry. When it comes to health insurance plans, there are 2 routes a business can take: Fully Insured and Self-Insured plans (Partially Self-Funded). Employers need to consider their needs as a group when determining which type of plan they want to offer. We are here to help determine which plan is a better choice for your business to offer.  


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What is a Partially Self Funded (Self-Insured) Health Insurance Plan?

  • Group pays fixed monthly premium that includes administrative costs, stop-loss insurance premiums, and claims pre-funding costs.

  • Part of monthly premium funds a claims account from which claims payments are initially paid.

  • If claims costs exceed claims funding then stop-loss insurance takes over so monthly premium stays fixed. 

  • If claims are low at the end of the policy period, the group can receive cash back on unused portion of claims fund.

  • Underwriting is more complex.

  • Exempt from certain premium taxes.

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